Solar Panel Maintenance

As Australia's leading solar service provider, we will handle all aspects of solar system maintenance and repair.

We have a thorough solar system review, assisting in the identification of any problems that can contribute to underperforming panels, such as dead cells, dirty cells, or aging components. A well-maintained solar panel system would guarantee optimum performance and access to long-term solar power for years to come.

Solaright is one of Australia’s most trusted solar system suppliers, so you can be assured that your solar panels are in capable hands.

The importance of solar panel maintenance

While most solar power systems operate without human interference, skilled maintenance and cleaning are sometimes needed to ensure efficient operation and optimum performance.

Solaright provides master repair services through technicians who are Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified. This includes solar system research and monitoring, as well as solar panel maintenance, to ensure that you get the best out of your solar system and have years of trouble-free use.

Helping you to identify any issues that could lead to under-performing panels :

  1. Efficiency audits
  2. Performance testing
  3. Solar panel cleaning
  4. Wiring tests and inspections