Regular servicing of the operation, like that of any other piece of equipment or machinery, is critical to its performance and survival.

Although there are many solar energy system installers, we are the only business in the western Sydney region that offers a complete, personalized maintenance service.

Why do you need to maintain your system?

Many existing systems, especially those built during the early rebate days,’ used inferior, poorly-manufactured inverters, making them less reliable and more likely to malfunction over time. This will make your solar panel much less powerful than it was intended to be – and will result in higher utility bills! By keeping your system maintained daily, you will be able to stay on top of any wear and tear and keep your system running at optimum performance.

If we provide support for current solar systems, we can also service new systems. Once we mount your solar panels, we suggest coming to your home every 2-3 years to service your inverter, panels, and connections. Since we use superior materials of the utmost specification, they are backed by suppliers who have guarantees in the unlikely event of a device breakdown, so you can be certain that the system will be up and running with no interruption and downtime.

There’s no need for you to remember when it’s time to do your solar maintenance because we’ll remind you.