Solar panel installation in Pemulwuy

solar panel installation Macquarie Park Sydney
Solar panels are one of the most common ways for Australian households to reduce their energy bills. Solaright will assist you in obtaining solar panel installation in Pemulwuy. If you choose to conserve electricity for later use, we will even assist you with battery storage options.

The following is some general detail about solar energy in Pemulwuy

According to data from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI), solar panels are installed on the roofs of approximately 12% of the households in the Pemulwuy region.

According to the APVI, the average size of a solar energy system in Pemulwuy is approximately 2.37kW (including bigger, commercial installations).

The average rooftop in Pemulwuy earns roughly 4.8 hours of ‘peak light’ every day, on average. Assuming average machine reliability of about 80%, this means:

  • In ideal conditions, a 1.5kW device in Pemulwuy can generate approximately 5.76kWh per day.
  • A 3kW solar panel will generate approximately 11.52kWh per day.
  • A 5kW solar panel will generate approximately 19.2kWh per day.
  • A 10kW solar panel will generate approximately 38.4kWh per day.