Solar panel installation in Greystanes

Greystanes receive approximately 4.36-kilowatt hours per square meter of solar irradiation per day on average. Solar panels mounted in Greystanes should, ideally, face north. The appropriate panel angle range is 18° to 28°, with 23° being the best angle. Roof orientation can decide the exact construction angle on standard rooftop PV installations.

Greystanes has 2519 solar PV installations totaling 6346.32 kW of power. Greystanes is home to 0.165 percent of all solar installations in Australia.

Greystanes’s average system size is 2.52kW, while the Australian average is 3.15kW. System owners in Greystanes area generate an average of 27670 kWh per day, saving them a total of $249030 monthly and $3029860 annually**. The electricity produced by the Greystanes ranges is enough to power 1763 Australian homes.

Greystanes Home Solar Battery Systems

Become a part of Greystanes’s energy storage movement! In Greystanes and the surrounding area, we supply and install home battery storage and battery-ready solar panel systems. For more details, please contact our New South Wales team at 1300 739 793.
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