Solar panel installation in Fairfield

More than 2,198 small-scale systems with a total capability of 10,178 kW have been deployed in Fairfield’s postcode area.

With a population of 40,596, this equates to 251 watts per person in the city, compared to the Australian average of 580 watts. There are approximately 13,308 dwellings in the Fairfield district, resulting in a solar panel system per 100 dwellings of 17 – the Australian average is 29.

Based on a modest average of 38,399 kWh of energy generated each day (enough to energy the equivalent of 2,400 homes) and retail electricity costs of 29c per kilowatt-hour, Fairfield residents generate $4,064,543 of energy at retail prices per year!

Owners of Fairfield solar power systems are now helping to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, with the systems in the Fairfield area avoiding 11,493 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Fairfield Residential Solar Battery Systems

Participate in Fairfield’s energy storage boom! In Fairfield and the surrounding area, we provide and install home battery storage and battery-ready solar panel systems. For more details, please contact our New South Wales team at 1300 739 793.
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