Solar energy infrastructure at Wetherill Park

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Wetherill Park receives an average of 4.36-kilowatt hours per square meter of solar irradiation per day. Solar panels mounted in Wetherill Park should, ideally, face northward. The appropriate panel angle range is 18° to 28°, with 23° being the ideal angle. Roof inclination can decide the actual installation angle on most rooftop PV installations.

Solar installations in Wetherill Park, NSW, 2164

In Wetherill Park’s postcode 2164, there are 881 solar PV installations with a total power of 4211.11 kW. The solar installations in the 2164 postcode account for 0.058% of all solar installations in Australia.

The average machine size in Wetherill Park is 4.78kW, compared to 3.15kW in Australia.

System owners in the Wetherill Park postcode area generate an average of 18360 kWh per day, saving them a total of $165244 per month and $2010468 per year**. Arrays in the 2164 postcode generate enough electricity to completely power 1170 Australian homes.

Solar carbon offset at Wetherill Park

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Each year, system owners in Wetherill Park’s postcode prevent 6702 tonnes (coal-fired power) or 2681 tonnes (gas-fired power) of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking 962 – 2405 cars off the road.