Commercial Solar Panels

Solaright is a rapidly expanding and leading specialist solar panel installation firm with an outstanding portfolio that includes the installation of over 1000 residential and industrial properties. Many of them are medium- to large-scale solar arrays, to be the largest commercial solar projects in NSW.

Solar energy has long been seen as the most successful way to reduce operational costs, especially in light of the ever-increasing electricity prices that impose higher operating costs on Australian companies. The founders of Solaright hope to alleviate this part of our daily lives.

Solaright experts have instilled an efficient approach that quickly reduces electricity usage costs, all while prioritizing the improvement, efficiency, and maintenance of current energy loads with alternatives exclusively available to achieve higher electrical loads.

Solar energy is a critical factor for an organization to achieve and maintain a renewable operating model;

  1. High investment returns
  2. Immediate cost reduction
  3. Cutting down on carbon emissions & Visual statement
  4. Shading of ceilings and associated cooling effects